• Easter Trading Hours

    Tuesday Mar 28 2017

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  • Signature looks for all year round – Shop the new collection at Yoshi Jones

    Tuesday Mar 21 2017

    It seems like the weather can’t make up its mind lately, skating through all four seasons in one day at times. So we’ve designed our new collection at Yoshi Jones...

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  • Warm Apple Pie at Karuizawa's Mampei Hotel

    Monday Nov 21 2016

    As we get closer to Tokyo we have one last stop on our list! Kaurizawa is just 1 hour by fast train from Tokyo, a well-to-do holiday destination, and summer get away...

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  • Crowning relic of Miyanoshita

    Sunday Nov 13 2016

    Miyanoshita is a wonderful hill station village located up in the mountains of Hakone. Full of onsens, flanked by the forest and oozing antique charm. We visited what could be considered...

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  • Kasuri - Another beautiful weaving technique from Japan.

    Thursday Oct 20 2016

    Kasuri (絣?) is a Japanese word for fabric that has been woven with fibres  dyed specifically to create patterns and images in the fabric. Being an ikat based technique, the patterns are identified by brushed...

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  • Toganji temple: Peace and quite in Nagoya

    Friday Sep 30 2016

    Toganji Temple is a beautiful lesser know temple in Nagoya. I found this place pretty intriguing as its part of the Soto Zen sect of buddhism with links to hinduism,...

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  • Primeval Nara Park

    Friday Sep 30 2016

    Nara is considered an ancient area of Japan, boasting one of Japans oldest parks, largest bronze statues, protected wild deer, and the worlds largest wooden structure, Kasuga grand shrine.  Strolling...

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  • Sunny in Chiang Mai

    Monday Sep 19 2016

    Its time for a trip to Thailand. Enter Chiang Mai, at this time of year its steamy   and bright, the temple stupas glow in golden light, and the mirror...

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  • Indigo and Shibori

    Monday May 02 2016

    def. shibori. There is no one word in the english language that defines shibori, its the word for a "variety of embellishing textiles by shaping and securing cloth before dying". quote...

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  • Yoshi Jones Loves Natural Fibres

    Wednesday Oct 14 2015

    Have you ever gone into a store and bought a garment wondering the quality of the fabric? What it’s made from or the benefits of wearing natural fibres as opposed to...

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  • The Art of Kimono Folding

    Tuesday Sep 22 2015

    Art. Tradition. Function. Fashion. And one garment that encompasses it all: the kimono. The richly embroidered, lavishly printed, dyed robe goes beyond its ceremonial reputation in entering the modern culture....

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  • Upstairs and Back Streets

    Tuesday Feb 17 2015

    Over the next month or so we will be closing the doors of our much loved street-level shop and moving everything into our first-level Storio on the same street. Called...

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  • Bento Beautiful

    Thursday Jan 29 2015

    Wikipedia tells us that the word 'bento' loosely translates to 'convenient' and may originate from as early as 1185, when bento was a single meal stored in a small bag....

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  • Inspirational India

    Friday Nov 21 2014

    I have just returned from a trip to India and would love to share the inspirational colours and sights with you here. Yoshi              ...

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  • Refashioning

    Friday Sep 26 2014

    In this world of fast fashion, it can be tempting to discard offcuts, throw away damaged clothing and move on to the next big thing.      There are more...

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  • Profile: Refugee Advice and Casework Service

    Sunday Sep 07 2014

      Next Wednesday, 10th September, we would love to see you at the Storio for our Leopard on a Lotus launch event. On the night we will be raffling artwork...

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  • Charming Kokeshi Dolls

    Friday Aug 22 2014

    Traditional Kokeshi dolls are handmade by artists, so each one is slightly different. Look carefully at their charming faces when you next visit the Storio - one may speak to you...

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  • Inspirational Tabaimo

    Friday Aug 15 2014

    On a rare slow-paced Sunday last week I  visited a stunning exhibition by Tabaimo at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. Have you seen it? It was inspiring and...

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  • New and improved

    Tuesday Jun 03 2014

    Welcome to the new and improved! Stay tuned for more blog posts from Yoshi about what inspires her in the worlds of art, fashion and design.

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