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Posted: Aug 15 2014

On a rare slow-paced Sunday last week I  visited a stunning exhibition by Tabaimo at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. Have you seen it? It was inspiring and beautiful - the perfect way to spend an afternoon.


The exhibition consists of incredible animated illustration - six multi-screen video works and a series of  pencil/ink drawings - featuring every day life scenes. But Tabaimo says her work is "a critique of Japanese society" and reviewers have called it  "a surreal world of beauty, anxiety and horror". When you look closely, unsavoury human social behaviour appears in the detail.


This is what Concrete Playground had to say about the exhibition:

"There is a lot to be gleaned from Mekuremeku, and a lot to like. It’s surreal visual language is both metaphoric — of contemporary Japanese life, of our submerged interior lives, of the terror that waits in the home — and aesthetically sublime. The images themselves, their soundtracks and environments all combine to immerse audiences in a giddy world where your footing is never sure. Walls curve, inside becomes out, and subaquatic noises bleed from one work to the next. Ten points for install." From:


If you get a chance, make sure you visit Tabaimo: Mekurumeku. It is showing at the MCA in Sydney until 7 September.







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