Warm Apple Pie at Karuizawa's Mampei Hotel

Posted: Nov 21 2016

As we get closer to Tokyo we have one last stop on our list! Kaurizawa is just
1 hour by fast train from Tokyo, a well-to-do holiday destination, and summer
get away for the well heeled local and international people alike. Just like
Miyanoshita its flanked by dense forest, and the air is clean and fresh.
We dropped into the Mampei Hotel, known for its well kept old time charm,
great food, and old regulars John Lennon and Yoko Ono.
Its said that Mampei Sato, all the way back to the 1880's was keen to make
visitors from overseas welcome and learned to cook their favourites. It must
have worked because this place is still very busy.  We indulged in some
delicious Japanese food, and had John Lennons' favoured Mampei dessert,
apple pie, as rumour has it John and Yoko regularly stayed here and even
dropped into the kitchen to perfect the apple pie recipe!
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