Primeval Nara Park

Posted: Sep 30 2016

Nara is considered an ancient area of Japan, boasting one of Japans oldest parks,
largest bronze statues, protected wild deer, and the worlds largest wooden
structure, Kasuga grand shrine. 
Strolling through primeval forest, untouched since the Nara period, as wild deers
check in with passers by looking for pats and deer biscuits. This place feels lively
and very special. The deer are seen as messengers from god in the Shinto belief
system, so are safe to roam freely.
Todai-ji Temple founded in 728, features the Daibutsu-den or Great Buddha Hall
which, up until 2008 was the worlds largest structure. Its imposing but magnificent
to see in person.
These lanterns line the path between the temples are said to be in their thousands,
some as old as the 8th century. As a whole I found Nara relaxing, stepped in history
yet thriving in the moment. With monks living onsite, kids gingerly feeding deer
and thriving natural beauty I certainly recommend a visit.  
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