Kasuri - Another beautiful weaving technique from Japan.

Posted: Oct 20 2016

Kasuri (?) is a Japanese word for fabric that has been woven with fibres 
dyed specifically to create patterns and images in the fabric. Being an ikat based
technique, the patterns are identified by brushed or blurred appearance. 
From traditional blues and whites, to a multitude of colours are used in the
 production of this artfully skilled fabric that is unmatched within the woven 
stratosphere. Almost a prized possession amongst textile collectors and 
enthusiasts alike. Our haori's are full of bold patterns, subtle blossom blends,
and abstract designs and inspired us to share our  enthusiasm for this
beautiful weaving technique.
The representative types of kasuri made in Japan are Hingo-kasuri in Hiroshima,
Iyo-kasuri in Ehime, and Kurume-kasuri in Fukuoka. Den Inoue is credited with
creating Kurume kasuri, seen above which has become a symbol of the city,
 right through to its modern interpretation in the building on the right.
Left to right: photo from COMPANY, photo from Faburiq
Salakauppa, is the stunning shop front for Finish design team 'COMPANY',
they have a strong aesthetic for expertly hand crafted products and base their 
design on each factory's, both local and international, story and function. There
stunning work with master kasuri craftsman in Japan, produced this beautiful
Kokeshi inspired fabric!
If your interested in an in-depth exploration of Kasuri I can recommend Curious Weaver.
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