Toganji temple: Peace and quite in Nagoya

Posted: Sep 30 2016

Toganji Temple is a beautiful lesser know temple in Nagoya. I found this place pretty
intriguing as its part of the Soto Zen sect of buddhism with links to hinduism, and having
been to a number of hindu temples in India it was great to see the ties between the two.
As you walk in theres the usual purification fountain for cleansing before entering the temple itself.
A stone pavement leads to this meditative statue of buddha. Flanked by dense trees,
this area is so peaceful, and because of the lack of tourists its a great place to relax
and take it all in.
Another feature of this temple is the chinese style entrance which leads to the main
hall of the temple. Its been great to walk around in such lovely weather.
And as a dog lover, I found this memorial area for pets that have passed on
very endearing. 
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