Upstairs and Back Streets

Posted: Feb 17 2015

Over the next month or so we will be closing the doors of our much loved street-level shop and moving everything into our first-level Storio on the same street. Called a Storio, because it contains both our Studio and Store, we launched this space last July and we LOVE it! 



Why are we moving? Because it is not cost effective to lease a spacious street level studio that is large enough to design, cut, sew and store fabric, as well as showcase our work. In Newtown we join three other fashion outlets in creating a space that is beyond the busy King Street ground floor frontage. O'Connell Street Merchants is a conglomerate of designer brands set up in the gorgeous space above Brewtown Newtown in O'Connell Street. Pretty Dog, where you can shop hand-picked cult fashion items, is in Brown Street. And the fabulous Boylan Headwear - Rosie Boylan's hand-made hats - is in Australia Street.

Once we settled into this new space, we understood something brands all over the world already know - being off the beaten track is a great place to be. In the Storio we have the space to offer you a seat in one of our lounges and a chilled glass of tea. We are cocooned from the noise of King Street and the grit that comes off the road - in fact we feel quite secluded even though we are right in the middle of the main hub. 



We are not alone in making this discovery. Space and economic concerns have resulted in areas such as Shahpur Jut and Hauz Klaus in Delhi with little upstairs shops, like Olivia Dars, and cafes down muddy streets and up rickety stairs. In Tokyo, you will find Macaronic (pictured below) in a tiny lane, in a diminutive back street of Harajuku.



The new Storio is now open at Level 1, 249 King Street Newtown. Hours: 10.30-6pm Monday to Saturday and 11-5pm on Sundays.



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