Crowning relic of Miyanoshita

Posted: Nov 13 2016

Miyanoshita is a wonderful hill station village located up in the
mountains of Hakone. Full of onsens, flanked by the forest and
oozing antique charm.
Miyanoshita Hotel
We visited what could be considered the oldest relic of Miyanoshita,
the Fujiya Hotel.  Founded by Senosuke Yamaguchi in 1878 as an
destination for international guests, and expats seeking cooler
temperatures during the summer. I really loved the atmosphere here.
Architect Heijiro Kawahara created a mix of shrine like tiled roofing,
and gorgeous woodwork inspired by native temples with Nipponese
I love this excerpt from Herbert G Pontings writings,
'In Lotus Land Japan' 1910
"in the very loveliest surrounding, one can live in the lap of luxury and
comfort. The table is of the choicest, the service unsurpassed... But, the
baths! One simply lives in them"  The Fujiya has a long list of famous
visitors, and I can just imagine guest enjoying the "monster swimming-bath"
(Ponting) and lapping up the mountain air atmosphere.
RIght image taken from 
I really enjoyed our time here and can recommend the deserts!
In town Fujiya's rival, the Naraya Ryokanwas was destroyed in 2000
as the owners were unable to pay the expensive inheritance taxes.
Yoshikazu Ando used what was left of the site to build a very hip cafe,
where you can soak your feet in bubbling hot mineral water while
enjoying a delicious treat. 
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