Yoshi Jones Loves Natural Fibres

Posted: Oct 14 2015

Have you ever gone into a store and bought a garment wondering the quality of the fabric?
What it’s made from or the benefits of wearing natural fibres as opposed to synthetic man-made fabrics?

We’ll tell you why our range of garments and accessories are made from beautifully printed or embroidered Japanese silks and cottons in particular. Silk is a trans-seasonal fabric, like wools, they are great temperature regulators. By this I mean they keep you cool in the summertime and warmer in the wintertime. For anyone with skin sensitivities such as eczema, the weave of silk texture feels soft and luxurious on your skin so it is less irritating.

Cotton breathes easier in warm weather keeping us cool compared to oil-based synthetics that cause your body to sweat more. Odours can become trapped in synthetics open weave so you’ll have to wash your garments more often than cotton.

Cotton has hypoallergenic qualities and for the more environmentally conscious shoppers, cotton is biodegradable making it easier to break down where synthetics may take longer, accumulating in our landfills.

Many people do not realise even though synthetic fabrics cost less they are more labour intensive to make, using more crude oil and water in the process which has a higher impact on our environment as a result.

So choosing natural fibres not only promises greater benefits than synthetics but also is more comfortable for you to wear! 

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