Posted: Sep 26 2014

In this world of fast fashion, it can be tempting to discard offcuts, throw away damaged clothing and move on to the next big thing. 



There are more textiles produced in the world today than can be used. 14.3 million tons of textiles were sent to landfill in 2012. Discarded clothing is also sent to second-hand shops, but only around 20-30% of this clothing is actually re-sold because supply exceeds demand. The clothing in charity shops is therefore more likely to be trash, not treasure.



Browse the Yoshi Jones store and you will notice vintage fabric everywhere. Our Toku pieces feature large panels of fabric which has been unpicked, hand-cut, matched and sewn. Even the smallest pieces of fabric are upcycled - into lipstick cases and purses or included in bags of fabric pieces for customers to take home.



So, welcome to our world of re-fashioned treasures, made by hand, right here in Sydney. We make the most of every piece of vintage fabric we find, to bring you sustainable quality clothing.

(Reference: Upcycling: The New Wave of Sustainable Fashion)


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