Sunny in Chiang Mai

Posted: Sep 19 2016

Its time for a trip to Thailand. Enter Chiang Mai, at this time of year its steamy

  and bright, the temple stupas glow in golden light, and the mirror filled

      mosaics never fail to delight. 



As a food lover, a trip to Waroat Market is a must, the air scented with fresh

flowers, herbs and home made condiments as well as a bounty of household

  and handmade goods. Its an essential stop and I highly recommend it if you

 love local markets, and getting a feel for where the locals go to shop.



Some of Chiang Mai's most beautiful temples are walking distance from
Waroat Market. Wat Saen Fang and Wat Bupparam, both buddhist temples
dating from 14th and 15th century received Burmese makeovers during 19th
century occupation. Chiang Mai is such a charming place where old meets
newat a relaxed pace, so far from the chaos of Bangkok.


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